Monday, December 17, 2012

December Riding Still Goes On!!

Riding in the Dark Days of Winter!

December is often a month in which bikes are put away and attention is paid more to chips, dips, and football games.  This year, however, we have been able to continue to offer rides with folks as the weather, while rainy and cold, has not actually snowed or iced up!    Proving that, within reason, the Pacific Northwest is a year round cycling mecca!! (LOL!)

December 15 - Spokespeople - NE Ride - this is the 12th month of our offering this community ride series in North East Seattle.  At one point we were going to have 6 riders plus me but illness, holiday schedules, and perhaps the weather all contributed to only having 3 riders show up.  However, they were determined riders and even though the rain was falling the whole time, there was never a question about canceling the ride!  My Garmin showed the average temperature to be about 39F and rain did fall the entire time!  Our short course was about 15 miles at an  Easy or Leisurely pace (somewhere between 8-12 mph depending on the riders) - our folks today were a little more accomplished and we ended up riding more like 12-14 mph on the flats.   Here is the course we used:


 As you can see it is a pretty flat course but then it was intended to be so!

Here are the 3 intrepid riders having a snack at Lake Forest Park courtesy of the Great Harvest Bakery!  Warm cups felt pretty good on cold  hands at this point!

Now we leave from a place in Seattle called Hunter Tree Farm, and most of the year, there are few to no trees around.  But this time of  year, Hunter Tree FArm actually looks like a Tree Farm!
 They even had a reindeer resting on some straw - I looked for one with a red nose but couldn't find any so this fellow had to do for my picture!

December 16 - Carnation -Tokul Creek Ride - aka A River (or Two) Runs Through It Ride -
This was a regular Cascade Ride but also a mentored ride for Heidi, a Ride Leader in Training.  We collected lots of IOU's to be sure we had enough riders to qualify for the ride.  Again it was 39F and raining the entire 25 miles on this ride!  However, again there was never a question about whether or not to ride.  Here is the course we rode: