Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Swim and A Hike - the "off" day from Biking

Today I did my long swim  (US Masters Swimming - ePostal Challenge - 3K yards swim - US Masters ePostal 3K Yards Challenge ) at the Samena 25 yard pool....while still not where I was last January in terms of lap speeds, at least I could do the distance even if ever so slowly.  I realized it was going to be a victory just to complete the swim and not become a sunken pool toy!  Since this was a national challenge with rules and all, I couldn't wear my "rubber pants" and, wowsers!, did the lack of flotation show up in my times.  I knew the neoprene swim shorts were good for something like 20-30 secs per 100 yards but I also noted that my times systematically declined during the swim as my form deteriorated.  Interestingly, not only was I faster last January but I didn't have the drop off in lap times as my bride (who kept times for me) noted that I was very much like a metronome in terms of lap time consistency. 

However, not all was lost today as Vanessa and I got in another hike on the only day in sight with sun and some blue sky....and even then, only for a few hours!   This time we did a point to point hike and brought along her chocolate lab, Steve, who managed to photobomb into a few pix.  5.9 miles and 1954 feet elevation.   

At Poo Poo Point


Thanks to Vanessa for the maple bar - it didn't make the photo but here's the bag it came in.

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