Thursday, November 12, 2015

Alisa and Viv Visiting! And another strong swim and bike workout day.

Today I was able to get in a quick visit with Alisa & Viv as they headed back eastward after a short visit to the Puget Sound. Both were in great spirits but needed to get over the passes before the predicted November storm arrives! Had a great chat and hope to connect again next month! Here are some pix from today! Including the front end of her car where some of the deer fur is left (the results of a slight disagreement between the Subaru and the deer on who had the right-of-way on Highway 97). And a graph of what is headed our way (which is why the visit was short!)

Starbucks Girls

The wind is already starting to blow

Subaru - 1;  Deer - 0 ...less a little fur

Residual Fur

And here's what is coming at us!

Now I can start to look at the bike workout today!  Yesterday's intervals went so well, I am thinking of repeating them and adding a few extra!   The early morning swim of 2400 yards went residual tiredness after the 3K yard swim on Tuesday.   So here is today's set of bike trainer intervals - hard to do 5X 120% FTP but hung in there for the last couple of intervals. 

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