Saturday, October 17, 2015

Coffeeneuring Ride Week 3 2015 Oct 17

Our Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015 ride today was per my Eastside Coffee Ride Week #3 ride through Cascade Bicycle Club.  Depending upon whose Garmin you use, it was about 30 miles +/- with a couple of local hills (Juanita, Norway, and Kingsgate hills) to spice it up.  We had 10 riders (including me) at the start and Kimberly S. joined us during the ride to do the middle section and two of hills with our little group.    Here we are at the start:

After about 17 miles, we stopped at the Lake Forest Park Starbucks (our destination for today's ride) for some coffee and treats.  Here is my obligatory Coffeeneuring Challenge photo for today's ride!

We had fabulous riding conditions as the somewhat predicted rain never materialized and we ended riding in the sunshine!  Woot!  Great day for mid October.

Here are the vital stats for the Challenge:
Per the Coffeeneuring "Rules" 

1. where you went (address and website, if possible) -

Starbucks located in: Lake Forest Park Town Centre
Address: 17039 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

2. the date you went there - 2015 Oct 17

3. what you drank - I had a double espresso....very nice - just the right touch for a fall ride
4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride, including your assessment of the “bike friendliness” of the location - there are great trails and road routes in the area - we threw in a couple of good hills to warm everyone up! - today's ride was the first time about 4 of our riders had ever done Juanita (from the south) or Norway Hill (from the north) - they got a huge kick after going up those hills - I hope they come back next week when we'll do a few different hills.  Hopefully we might initiate the next generation of hill climbing loving riders!  One thing about our area, we do have lots of quality climbing hills!; and
5. total mileage - circa 30 miles round trip

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