Saturday, October 24, 2015

Coffeeneuring Ride Week 4 2015 Oct 24

Another fine Saturday ride for the 4th week of the Coffeeneuring Challenge on our Eastside Coffee Ride! 11 of us went up Education Hill, Novelty Hill (Bear Creek Country Club side), and Hollywood Hill for a great hill climbing ride. About 30 miles and 1800 feet elevation. Started cool and dry, ending up damp and cool....but it is mid-late October and it can be much worse! A truly fine group of riders. Special thanks to Scott for sweeping today on short notice. Bruce joined us today and his cycling come back is going really well after the incident he was in this last summer! Great to see Tom, Heather, Philippe, Alfred (joined us in route), and Michelle again this week. Welcome to John, Dayle, and Jerry on this little set of rides. Hopefully you all will be join us next week....Kirkland with a little less climbing...maybe. :>) My only rant was about the loosely organized group of unknown cyclists who chose to blow through our group as we stopped at a stop sign on the descent on Hollywood Hill...they didn't even really slow down......not a good thing for cyclists in my opinion as they reinforce a negative image of all the rest of cyclists. I should add that our group was very understanding of how to keep themselves happily occupied while the Ride Leader changed his rear tire.......just some bad karma I guess.

Here are the vital stats for the Challenge:
Per the Coffeeneuring "Rules" 

1. where you went (address and website, if possible) -

Starbucks located at Redmond Ridge:
  • 23515 Novelty Hill Rd
  • D312
  • Redmond, WA 980531996 

2. the date you went there - 2015 Oct 24

3. what you drank - I had a double espresso....very nice - just the right touch for a fall ride

4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride, including your assessment of the “bike friendliness” of the location - there are great trails and road routes in the area - we threw in a couple of good hills to warm everyone up! - today's ride incorporated Education Hill, Novelty Hill (from the Bear Creek Country Club side), and Hollywood Hill.  We incorporated several residential sections into our route today including Tuscany, Redmond Ridge, and Lake of the Woods - very nice homes with wide pleasant riding streets.  Fall leaf colors were in full swing today!

5. total mileage - circa 30 miles round trip with about 1800 feet of elevation gain

Our Team Today

Double Espresso

Scott (also our Sweep today)

Could he be in the Witness Protection Program?

Philippe and Alfred

And while we were out biking on our local hills, my Bride continued her work on the Tiger Project - here she is working on the painting (cue music: Eye of the Tiger )

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