Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Now for something a little bike!

I had the opportunity to take a delightful 5 mile hike up to Wallace Falls in same named Washington State Park. Vanessa was my hiking companion today and it was truly a fabulous day for a fall hike for both of us - . While I suspect this trail is busy on weekends, mid-day, mid-week we had only a few other hikers on the route. Looks like a hike that can be taken pretty much all winter so this goes into the book as a potential repeater as weather and schedules permit. In the winter on a cold clear day, the Olympic mountains to the west should be quite spectacular as one overlooks the Skykomish River valley. Got to love the warning signs about falling....a great example of the art of the obvious!

The Hiking Team

Moi at the Falls

Ms V at the Falls

Talk about the obvious....a true d'oh moment!

A reasonable hike back to the car...but not a sign I would expect to see up here!

Overlooking the Skykomish River Valley

At the Falls

And yet, even more Falls!

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