Friday, October 16, 2015

Scouting Ride on Wednesday 14 Oct (getting ready for Coffeeneuring)

One of the characteristics of a good group ride is a solid route that works well for a group of cyclists.  And there is no better way to confirm that than actually riding the route ahead of time!   So Wednesday was a ride day where the weather and time available came together to provide that window for this week.  The route (now updated) we plan to use for the Saturday Coffeeneuring Ride (Eastside Coffee Ride - is at   Based on the  pre-ride, I modified a right turn by a few blocks to better integrate the ride and identified a left turn issue which we will address when we see a) how many riders we have to manage; and, b) what the traffic volumes will be on Saturday.   If the latter conditions are like Wednesday, we'll do a right turn, u-turn, to make the corner in order to get cyclists out of a busy and congested intersection.   After all, we aren't commuting, we are just heading to a coffee shop!!   We'll also see how our new riders like the hills (which we have advertised!) - they aren't wild hills but they are real hills.  :>)    As long as the rain holds off for Saturday morning (which is the forecast currently), this should be a great Saturday ride.

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