Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Coffeeneuring Week 2 and Another Bride Ride

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to join the Cascade Bicycle Club Walla Walla Weekend Rides.  I only rode on Saturday and Monday as sweep for our groups but both days had great ride routes in the rural farmland around Walla Walla, WA (and into northern Oregon).   On the Saturday ride (circa 46 miles), we took a break at the halfway point and got a nice cup of coffee at the rest stop.  Both the Ride Leader Joni and I were doing the Coffeeneuring Challenge so we made a point of documenting our stop.  Interestingly enough, we didn't have any other takers from the other 16 riders in our group!    Here's the photo of myself and of Joni at our Coffeeneuring stop.  It was a Walmart but they had a great deli inside along with a coffee shop so we called it good...although I think Walmart is not the typical "coffee shop" motif one thinks about!

Location: College Place Walmart Supercenter    1700 SE Meadowbrook Blvd, College Place, WA 99324
2. Saturday Oct 10, 2015
3.  A great dark drip coffee....my personal fave!
4. Walla Walla area (including Milton-Freewater Oregon) offers fabulous rural riding opportunities  The only downside is the ubiquitous presence of goathead thorns....they guarantee a lot of flat tires!  But still a great ride!
5. Total Mileage of ride about 46+ miles.

And here is the rest of our group at the start on Saturday morning:

Returning to the west dreary side of the mountains after a great Monday ride, I planned a short ride with The Bride on Tuesday since she didn't get to join in this last weekend.   Also she is rebuilding after a short setback to her training so having me along for company enhances her riding right now.  Always glad to help her!   Here she is by the footbridge over the Sammamish River Slough near Bothell, WA.  Great to ride with her...we always have such a good time!

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